Austrian Man Makes A Czech Prostitute His 'Pretty Woman' And Pays The Price


An Austrian millionaire who married a Czech prostitute in an affair similar to the 1980s movie “Pretty Woman” has been left destitute after she ran away with his money while he was recovering from a car crash.

Businessman Klaus Schweikert, 58, initially met 27-year-old "Lucie" when he hired her to come to his home in Horn, northern Austria, after a business trip to Germany, Daily Mail reports.

The couple later wed in an enchanted ceremony. Three weeks later, Schweikert was involved in an automobile accident and was hospitalized.

In the beginning, Lucie went to visit him at the hospital every day, but the visits became less frequent.

According to Austrian website Heute, Lucie, from the Czech Republic, currently has a new boyfriend and has abandoned Schweikert, taking her pricey jewelry, Audi A8 and other possessions. The businessman has since lost most of his investments.

A friend of Schweikert told Heute, “The situation now is far from pretty.”

Schweikert worked on numerous large projects in Germany before starting his own property and investment company.

The lonely Austrian describes his initial reason for hiring a prostitute:

“I had been away a long time and when I finally got back to my home here in Austria, it was cold and empty. The whole house was covered in dust because I had been away for so long, and when my friend came round to visit me he noticed that I seemed a bit depressed. That was when he suggested inviting someone round, and before I knew it he had rung the local brothel and arranged for a girl to make a house visit. I had never visited a brothel before or been with a prostitute, and I wasn't in favor but when I open the door, and I saw Lucie standing there, I fell in love instantly.”

He said that instead of sex, he paid around $430 to spend two hours having a champagne dinner with her.

“It felt as if I had found my other half,” he said. “She felt the same, and I called her boss to tell him she was going to spend the rest of the night with me, and not charge anything.”

Lucie reportedly worked for three years in a local brothel before their relationship grew and did not hesitate marry him.

Sources: Daily Mail, Heute / Photo credit: Heute

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