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Australian Woman Finds Giant Python In Bedroom (Video)

Trina Hibberd and her friend, Julie Birrell, discovered a gigantic python in Hibberd's house in Queensland, Australia, on June 19 (video below).

The snake, nicknamed Monty, was more than 16 feet long and weighed about 88 pounds, notes

The creature, believed to be a Scrub Python, was first spotted by Hibberd about 15 years ago while she was taking a shower; this time she filmed the reptile and posted the video on her Facebook page with the caption: "Holy s---!!!! Monty visits at 4.30am today."

"Okay, we’ve got a visitor, and it’s f----- huge," Hibberd said in the video. "I mean, it's very big."

"All hell broke loose," Hibberd told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The snake stretched over a hat stand, a picture frame, and into another room.

"We knew the snake was there but I had never seen it inside, not that I know of," Hibberd added. "I've never seen it in its full length."

The ladies trapped the snake in a room while they phoned snake catcher Dave Goodwin.

"We walked into the bedroom and it was hanging from the curtain drapes down to the bedside table — and that was only a third of him," Goodwin recalled.

"It was a good monster," Goodwin said. "We locked ourselves in the bedroom and grabbed him around the neck. He coiled around my arm, but we managed to put him a container."

Goodwin later released the snake at a water treatment plant, in hopes that it would make its way to its native bushland.

Some of the comments on Hibberd's Facebook page included:

I'd rather Monty at the end of my bed than a frog.

Trina it's too scary, keep out.

So, not much sleep for Miss Trina I'm guessing. *wry grin*.

That's disgustingly big!

Seriously Trin. Have you thought about packing up?

Wots behind door number one???

You made the 7 national news.

ohhhh trina!!!! bugger that!!!

Sources: Australian Broadcasting Corporation,, Trina Hibberd/Facebook / Photo credit: Trina Hibberd/Facebook via YouTube

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