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Australian Student Dies After Falling Off Cliff Edge in Norway

A student from Melbourne, Australia, died after falling off a cliff in Norway as she posed for a photo. 

Kristi Kafcaloudis, 24, was in Norway as part of an exchange program at the University of Bergen, and paid a visit to Trolltunga, a popular tourist spot in the country's south west. 

Kristi went out to the edge of the formation and asked someone to take a photo of her. While preparing herself, she lost her balance and ultimately fell nearly 1,000 feet to her death.

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"Many people wanted to step out to be photographed, and there was a queue," Terje Kvalvik from Hardanger Police said, according to the Daily Mail. "When it was her turn, she stepped over some rooks at the rock face. But she walked too far to the right and fell."

Kristi' body was transferred to a hospital after a search team hiked for several hours through the area to find her. 

A bright and promising student, Kristi was to study music and culture at the University of Bergen. 

"We are only consoled by the fact that Kristi was doing what she loved with her friends and living a life full of adventure and dreams," Kristi's mother, Milli Kafcaloudis, said in a statement, according to "But we are mortified by the loss of such a talented and lovely young woman with her whole life before her."

Freddie Wright, Kristi's friend, said her sense of humor was memorable. 

"She's just really kind and really funny and she could just light up a room with how funny she was," he said to The Age. 

University of Bergen Rector Dag Rune Olsen said the death was tragic, and suggested ways to keep other students from harm. 

"Many of our students come here because they like being in nature, and they travel in Norway. We think that's good, but there are also risks," he said to NKR, according to the Daily Mail. "Maybe we need to inform our students of these risks to a greater extent than before."

Sources: Daily Mail,, The Age / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail, Alexander Tiedemann/Flickr


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