Australian Man Swims With Pet Snake, Beer (Video)


An unidentified man took his pet snake and a beer out for a swim at Tallebudgera Creek on Australia's Gold Coast on Feb. 28 (video below).

The video was originally filmed by a man who goes by Indiana Bones, who posted it on his Instagram page and wrote: "There's currently a bloke down here drinking a VB tally and chucking his pet snake around. Amazing."

“My Dad keeps snakes and I’ve never seen anyone at the beach with one, dancing around, kissing one,” Bones told Yahoo7.

“I was impressed," Bones added. "I was flat out impressed. We thought we were rock n roll, spending the day on the beach, but this guy was drinking a beer, with his snake out in public."

The man and his snake, possibly a carpet python, got a mixed reaction from beach-goers.

“There was definitely a split down the middle," Bones said. "There was a lot of families down at Telly. The kids were intrigued and excited that this guy had a pet snake but the parents were not impressed."

“There was one woman screaming the whole time to get out of the water,” Bones recalled.

"He approached us. He came over and showed us his pet snake. He seemed like a pretty social guy."

Sources: Yahoo7, Instagram / Photo credit: Indiana Bones via YouTube

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