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Australian Man Accused Of Plotting Kangaroo Terror Attack

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Australia teen Sevdet Ramadan Besim is accused of planning to pack a kangaroo with explosives, paint it with the ISIS symbol, and set it loose on police.

Besim, 19, was also accused of plotting to behead a police officer during an Anzac Day ceremony in Melbourne and was arrested in April 2015. On Jan. 28 Besim was ordered to stand trial in front of the Supreme Court after pleading not guilty to four terror charges, according to The Age.

Prosecutors reported that Besim was planning the terror attacks with a British accomplice. In one of Besim's online communications with the accomplice, he allegedly wrote that he was ready to “fight these dogs” on their doorstep.

“I’d love to take out some cops,” Besim wrote, according to The Age. “I was gonna meet with them then take some heads.”

The kangaroo terror plot was also reported in the prosecution's summary of Besim's internet communications.

“The conversation continues with Besim detailing what he did that day and they have a general discussion around animals and wildlife in Australia including a suggestion that a kangaroo could be packed with C4 explosive, painted with the [ISIS] symbol and set loose on police officers,” the summary stated. This document was also presented to the court.

Prosecutors have alleged that Besim was motivated to act by extremist ideology and has supported or expressed support for radical ideology like the ISIS movement.

Besim faces a potential life in prison sentence if convicted of the charges.

Sources: The Telegraph, The Age / Photo Credit: Wayne Hawkins, Instagram via The Age 

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