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Australian Couple Runs Into Legal Problems After Promising To Divorce If Gay Marriage Is Legalized

Nick Jensen and his wife Sarah have planned to divorce if gay marriage is legalized in their home country of Australia.

Nick recently wrote an op-ed in the Canberra CityNews about their proposed anti-gay divorce, but added that he and Sarah would still live together because they would still be considered married "by the Church and before God."

However, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reports that an Australian law requires that a couple live separately for 12 straight months before a legal divorce will even be considered.

"It doesn't sound like Mr Jensen could truthfully swear that those facts are correct. And in that case he may apply for a divorce, but he won't get it unless he lies," family lawyer Denis Farrar stated.

In response, Nick stated:

There will be issues around the fact that we would have to prove that our marriage was irreconcilably broken, which it isn't.

It would be quite ironic if the state wouldn't actually allow us to get divorced.

If a group of people got together and said "Actually, we want to take this to the courts," then maybe that would be something we'd be involved with.

It's something we take very seriously, and we feel in our conscience that we can't actually partake in any redefined marriage.

Nick added that he would continue fighting against marriage for gay people.

Annie Haggar, who claims to be a friend of the Jensens and attended their wedding ten years ago, recently announced in an op-ed for that she was not going invite the Jensens to her wedding because of their proposed anti-gay divorce.

Haggar wrote, "After stewing over it over dinner last night, my fiance and I have decided the best thing to do is to make sure Nick understands how little he and his twisted world view matters. Couples all over the world of mixed race, mixed religion and now, at least in some countries, the same sex, enjoy a married life their forebears could not have dreamt would one day happen — and Nick and Sarah’s sham divorce will have zero impact on their lives. None."

Haggar later added, "Well, Nick, I’m sure you’ve come to appreciate over the past 48 hours that it’s not just changes to legislation that have consequences. Newspaper articles do, too. And here’s one of them, albeit a small one — I don’t want you anywhere near my wedding. You and your views are not welcome, because you’re right — the institution we’re marrying into isn’t the same one you think you’re in."

(Note: Above image doesn't include anyone mentioned in the article)

Sources: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation),, Canberra CityNews
Image Credit: Tom Morris


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