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Australian Cop Yells At Woman Filming Him In Public (Video)

A Queensland, Australia, police officer recently told a woman who was filming him to leave an area where he was directing traffic. He also appeared to push her while threatening her with arrest if she touched him. A video (below) of the incident was uploaded to YouTube on July 9.

The woman appears to be filming the cop from the side of the road when he spots her, walks over and yells: "I'm now directing you to get on your scooter and get out of here or you’ll find yourself arrested. Get out of my face. Now go!”

The video appears to show the officer being confrontational.

The officer appears to shove her while stating, "Touch me and you'll find yourself arrested! Go! Just go!"

The Queensland Police Department issued a statement to

"In general, filming an officer in a public place in Queensland is not an offense, however, there may be circumstances where an offense may be committed, such as obstruct, where the officer may be hindered in the performance of their duty or a lawful function.

"Inquiries are being conducted into the circumstances that led up to and took place as depicted on the footage. An assessment will then be made as to whether there has been any breach of discipline or misconduct by the officer.

"It would be improper to prejudge the officer’s actions without proper context as to the circumstances the officer was dealing with."

The video does not appear to show the woman obstructing the officer, and it's not clear why the officer demanded she leave the area.

Sources:, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot YouTube


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