Can You Spot The Ghost's Face In This Asylum Window?


An image of what many believed to be a ghost's face in the window of a former asylum in Wales went viral.

The haunting image was taken of a window at Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum in Brecon, Wales. The psychiatric hospital, which also served as a prisoner of war camp during World War II, was shut down 15 years ago.

"I caught an epic shot of a ghost at the abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum," passerby Adam Smith told the Daily Mail of the photo he took.

"Maybe it was a patient who had a lobotomy or perhaps a soldier patient from the war or maybe a Nazi prisoner. Whatever it was, it certainly gave me a fright."

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Smith uploaded the picture to social media, and it quickly went viral.

"I started to get messages from local residents and councilors asking me that I remove it because hundreds of people were turning up at the hospital to try to find the ghost," he said.

The Daily Mail detailed the asylum's history, explaining that it was first opened in 1903.

"Performing the opening ceremony, Lord Glanusk reportedly said: 'Everything has been done that human ingenuity could devise for the happiness and safety of the inmates, and under the blessing of God, for their speedy restoration to health.'

"It was designed to be self-sufficient with private water, electricity, heating and sewerage systems, along with a farm where patients -- many of whom were misunderstood and would never be allowed to leave -- grew their own food.

"The hospital had residential wards, a large recreation and dining hall, kitchens, workshops and a tailor, bakery and shoe-maker. By 1914, it was one of 102 registered 'lunatic asylums' across Britain, many of them beautifully designed Victorian buildings.

"But it lost out in NHS restructuring because of its isolated location near the market town of Talgarth, Powys, and the last ward shut in 1999. There were failed plans to turn the 11-acre site into a business park until it was sold on to developer Phil Collins for [$1 million] in March 2011.

"His grand scheme was to build 100 houses and a care home on the site of the hospital -- but Mr Collins, of Pontrilas, Herefordshire, was defeated by angry [neighbors] who said it would compromise the beauty of the national park.

"Supported by groups including Save Britain's Heritage, the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority rejected his bid to demolish the hospital in 2012 and it now sits in limbo, full of asbestos."

In a similar incident, a mysterious face was spotted in the window of a former orphanage after an image was taken of the building on Google's Street View camera, the Mirror reported.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Daily Mail, Mirror

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