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Armed Vigilantes In U.S., Mexico Fight Mexican Drug Cartels (Video)

A new documentary shows a battle on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border that most people are not aware of.

Director Matthew Heineman's “Cartel Land” (video trailer below) follows armed vigilantes in the U.S. and Mexico going after Mexican drug cartels.

Heineman filmed gunfights, torture, carjackings and meth production.

“It was a frightening film to make,” Heineman told Roll Call.

While most people usually fail at filmmaking and turn to another profession, Heineman became a filmmaker after not being able to get a job at Teach for America.

Heineman filmed the Autodefensas vigilante group in Michoacan, Mexico, and the Arizona Border Recon.

The Los Angeles Times reports: "'Cartel Land's' most astonishing footage comes in the town of Apo. After the Mexican army, no fan of vigilante action, comes in to disarm the Autodefensas, the townspeople rise up against the soldiers and drive them out of town."

A major problem in Mexico is trying to keep track of who the good guys and bad guys are; that's because the some in the government are bought off by the cartel, notes The Wall Street Journal.

The film opened in limited release today.

Sources: Roll Call, The Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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