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Armed Robbers Attack Motorist Outside Bank (Video)

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Three armed robbers clad in ski masks were caught on camera attacking a motorist on July 27 in Odessa, Ukraine (video below).

According to the Ukrainian news site Censor, the robbery occurred outside of a bank, notes

The motorist reportedly walked out of the bank with a lot of money, and then the armed robbers attacked him. 

The masked robbers are seen on video attempting to break the windows of the motorist's car as the motorist attempts to drive away. One of the robbers was able to pull a bag from the car.

The robbers reportedly left the scene in a white Skoda, and the victim tried to drive after them.

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RT readers commented on the robbery:

What happened to all of Ukraines gold that left on a USA jet.  Hmmm the biggest heists are never filmed.  Oy vey.

Typical Ukrainian Friday....

In Ukraine you don't rob the bank, the bank robs you. Oh wait!!

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In more bizarre crime news, a 59-year-old woman in Shenzhen, China, is accused of having cosmetic surgery to escape $3.7 million of debt, notes Reuters.

A court in Wuhan ordered Zhu Najuan to pay her massive personal debt, so she had plastic surgery and fled to Shenzhen, where she was arrested.

A police officer told the state news agency Xinhua: "We were very surprised at the scene. She looked in her thirties and was different from the photos we had."

According to Xinhua, the woman confessed to using other people's identification cards to travel on trains, and financed her cosmetic surgery with borrowed bank cards.

More than 300 Chinese cities are reportedly making more credit available for consumer spending to help the economy. But this increased credit has led to an increase in household debt.

China is attempting to create a nationwide credit rating system and crack down on bad debtors.

A court in Jiangsu created a blacklist in which people who call debtors will hear a pre-recorded message: "Please urge this person to fulfill their legal obligations."

In more weird crime news, authorities charged Elijia Dale Creech with first and second degree assault after he allegedly stabbed a man during a Magic the Gathering card game on July 28 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, reports KMSP.

Creech reportedly stabbed the 20-year-old victim seven times and hit him in the face with a rubber mallet during an argument.

Creech called 911 and said he stabbed a man at his home and that the victim was dying.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for "substantial injuries" that are not believed to be life-threatening.

Sources: RT, Reuters, KMSP / Photo Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild/Flickr, Anders Sandberg/Flickr, frankieleon/Flickr

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