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Armed Men Attempt Home Invasion, Victim Says Police Not Taking It Seriously (Video)

Four men attempted a home invasion in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, on Oct. 6, but were foiled by a quick-thinking 19-year-old woman who now claims police aren't doing enough to catch the perpetrators (videos below).

“I don’t think they’re taking it seriously enough at all,” the woman told The Vancouver Sun.

“The first two days [after the incident], I didn’t even hear anything from [police], not until I threatened to bring it to the [media],” she added.

Two home security videos, released by police on Oct. 14, show two men dressed in hoodies knocking on the door.

When the woman begins to open the door, two more men wearing masks and armed with a shot gun and an assault rifle try to force their way in, but fail, notes CBC News.

After the woman shut the door, her 29-year-old boyfriend notified the cops.

The woman told The Vancouver Sun:

I don’t know who they were or if they were trying to harm our family. But I’m just concerned because the police haven’t gone anywhere with the information they have. They have a clear image of the [man] who tried to attack me.

Richmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Dennis Hwang said on Oct. 13:

These types of police operations are very sensitive, so we’ve been working with them from when this happened.

That’s all I can say. The allegations that we may or may not be taking this seriously are a little bit troubling.

Just because it doesn’t get reported immediately doesn’t mean that police aren’t taking things seriously.

Sources: The Vancouver Sun, CBC News / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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