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Arizona Man Finds Fallout Shelter Under His House, Posts It To Reddit (Photos)


An Arizona homeowner found an astounding relic from the Cold War below his lawn that would make any video game enthusiast jealous — an actual fallout shelter.

The discovery first appeared on Reddit when user John Sims, who posts under the screen name Captantarcitca, posted on the website that he recently found a 1950s nuclear fallout shelter in his Tucson, Arizona home after receiving a tip from a previous owner, according to Daily Mail.

Sims said the shelter was constructed in 1961 by a company named Whitaker Pools, based on information he had acquired after finding a blueprint of the shelter through city records.

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He also used a metal detector to find the nuclear fallout shelter.

The shelter was bare and devoid of furniture and equipment when he went in, according to Sims. The underground abode was made from concrete with a fiberglass dome, and appeared to have been purposely closed off, he said.

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Sims wrote that he wants to renovate the bunker to its “original glory.” It’s unclear what he will eventually do with the shelter, but some Redditors have suggested “growing weed” inside or turning it into a “man cave.”

Of course there were references to the video game “Fallout 4,” including one who asked Sims if he found any “radroaches” in the shelter.

Between the 1960s and the 1980s, the Sonoran Desert around Tucson had 18 intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads. The missiles could potentially reach the former Soviet Union in only 25 minutes.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit / Photo credit: Imgur (2)

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