Someone Calls Police On Dad With Albinism

An afternoon out with his son quickly turned confusing and frustrating for Toronto father Jason Thompson.

While Thompson was traveling home with his 4-year-old son Xavier on March 15, the bus driver pulled over the bus and told passengers they would have to stop and wait. 

Soon after, two Toronto police officers arrived and walked up to Thompson.

“He walks right up to me and says, ‘Is this your son?’” Thompson, 39, told BuzzFeed.

He told the officer that Xavier was his son and the officer asked to speak with him outside.

According to Thompson, that’s when the police officer told him that they “got a call that something was ‘off’ and ‘the father doesn’t look like the son.’”

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Thompson is part Jamaican and his wife is Indian. Both he and his wife have albinism, a defect which results in little or no color (pigmentation) in the skin, hairs and eyes. Thompson and his wife's son does not have this condition, which means he has a darker complexion than his parents.

The officers apologized to Thompson for the trouble. They told him they had to investigate since a call was placed. To make up for the incident, the officers drove the father and son home and turned the siren on for Xavier. The officers also told Thompson they were surprised that somebody would call in such a complaint in 2016.

Thompson told City News that the police officers were “so respectful and kind” during the incident.

“It’s not like I was dragging [Xavier] or he was screaming, we were having a good time,” Thompson told BuzzFeed. “We were singing ‘Row row row your boat’ together and we were being silly and having fun.”

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Despite the trouble, Thompson said his son never questioned things for a minute.

“I talked to him about it when we got home,” Thompson told City News. “I told him, ‘Someone thought I wasn’t your daddy.’ And he said, ‘But you are my daddy.’ And I said, ‘I am.’ And for him, the matter was settled.”

Sources: BuzzFeedCity News / Photo Credit: Jason Thompson via BuzzFeed

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