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Anonymous Declares War On ISIS (Video)

The hacktivist group Anonymous declared war on ISIS on Nov. 15 in a video (below) that was released in French. The video was made in response to the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

Using its trademark anonymous figure wearing a black robe and Guy Fawkes mask, the web hackers promised, "Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down," notes the Daily Mirror.

"You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go," Anonymous added. "We will launch the biggest operation ever against you."

"Expect massive cyber attacks," the group warned. "War is declared. Get prepared."

"The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger."

The hacktivists made similar threats against ISIS after a Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine, suffered an attack by terrorists in Paris in January.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks on Nov. 13, which hit seven locations in Paris, took the lives of 129 people and hospitalized another 415.

Tech Insider notes that Anonymous could interfere or bring down ISIS’ communications on the web with mass distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and/or hack ISIS' computer databases and reveal the terrorist group's members to the world.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Tech Insider / Photo Credit: Anonymous/YouTube Screenshot

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