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Watch: Mistress Publicly Shamed By Angry Wives In China (Video)

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Shocking footage that recently emerged online features a gang of angry wives attacking an alleged mistress who slept with one of their husbands.

The event occurred in northern China’s Shanxi Province at the entrance of a shopping mall. The video features a woman being beaten before her underwear is pulled off in front of a number of shoppers. She is also pulled by her hair and dumped to the floor while dozens look on.

Many people simply stood by as they watched the incident and never stepped in to help. Police reported that they never received a complaint and therefore could not investigate the event.

The video is just one of many growing trends of public attacks against love rivals featured on the Internet.

“It serves these girls right, they ought to be exposed in public,” Zhu Fend, a married shopper, said. “If they try to steal our husbands and we find out, they know what is coming. They deserve to be taught a lesson and to leave our husband’s alone.”

In a similar incident in China’s Zhejiang Province, a woman who associated herself with a married man had a tile smashed over her head by an angry group of women thought to be friends of the wife.

Public shaming of mistresses in China have become common since wives there often take “civil justice” into their own hands. 

Sources: Mirror, Danil News / Photo Credit: Mirror


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