Angry Liverpool Woman Pours Boiling Water On Boyfriend

An angry Liverpool woman poured boiling water on her sleeping boyfriend after reading his texts with another woman.

On February 16, Magan Farquhar scalded her boyfriend, Adam Stafford, with boiling water, while he was lying naked in bed, so that she could inflict the amount of pain on him that she felt.

The couple reportedly had a turbulent relationship for over two years, according to The Liverpool Echo. After Farquhar damaged Stafford’s mother’s house, the couple broke up in August 2014, and Stafford began seeing other women. After they reunited in secret, the couple went out drinking and fought over a cell phone video of Stafford dancing with another woman. The fight followed them all the way back to their hotel, where they both showered and Stafford went to sleep.

Farquhar told police that she was making a cup of tea when she noticed Stafford’s phone hanging out of his jacket. She saw recent text messages between her boyfriend and a woman he was seeing while he and Farquhar were on a break, reported the Daily Mirror.

“She says she was so upset and angry she grabbed the kettle as the closest thing to her and splashed it over Mr. Stafford,” said prosecutor Charles Lander.

“I cannot remember exactly what happened next apart from feeling excruciating pain in my stomach area, just above my groin,” Stafford told police. “The pain I felt was like no other pain I had ever experienced.”

The Daily Mirror reports that Farquhar knew how hot the water was and wanted to cause him as much pain as she felt, but once she realized the extent of his suffering, she regretted it.

Stafford was transported to Royal Liverpool Hospital’s burn unit, where he was treated for a one percent abdominal scald.

“It’s unfortunate that this is an offense that arises from a toxic mix of alcohol and perceived infidelity,” said Jeremy Rawson, who is defending Farquhar in court. “The background is a relationship that has been stormy where each has suffered harm at the hands of the other. Had it not been for her stormy relationship with the complainant she would be a woman of no previous convictions.”

The court gave Farquhar a 12-month conditional discharge for criminal damage.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Liverpool Echo, Inquisitr

​Photo Credit: Scott Akerman/Flickr


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