Churchill's Home Turned Into Hitler HQ for Movie


A "Transformers" movie has angered veterans after producers announced they will turn former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's boyhood home into the headquarters of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. 

Churchill, who was born and raised in the historical Blenheim Palace, was instrumental in keeping British morale alive during World War II. Critics are against director Michael Bay's decision to make Churchill's home the set of the headquarters of the Nazi regime, according to The Guardian.

"I know it’s [just] a film," Col. Richard Kemp, an ex-commander of British forces in Afghanistan, toldThe Sun. "But it’s symbolically disrespectful to Churchill. He will be turning in his grave."

The Guardian reports that the palace will be draped in enormous swastika flags and will be surrounded by German military equipment and actors playing SS storm troopers. 

The movie, which will be the fifth in the "Transformers" series, is based on the premise of a Nazi invasion of Britain, according to The Sun. 

While Blenheim Palace did not confirm it knew the script's subject matter before agreeing to allow filmmakers on the premises, film insiders said it's "inconceivable" the film's nature would be kept a secret. The Sun reports that the palace earns almost $13,100 for each day of filming and producers are expecting to use the palace for two weeks. 

Churchill is buried only a mile away from the palace grounds, according to The Guardian. Many veterans believe the movie's choice of set is disrespectful to Churchill's memory and to the service of millions of soldiers during WWII. Tony Hayes from the Veterans Association UK, said that surviving WWII veterans would be "appalled by this." 

High Command Productions, which is responsible for allowing the shoot to take place, refused to comment on the matter. The palace will still be open to the public throughout filming, but all Nazi paraphernalia will be hidden during visiting hours, according to The Sun.

"Transformers: The Last Knight" is set to be released June 2017 and will star Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and Anthony Hopkins.  

Sources: The Guardian, The Sun / Photo credit: Darling Starlings Flying the Nest/Flickr

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