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Angelina Jolie Meets Archbishop In Revealing Top (Photos)

Angelina Jolie sparked controversy after she met with the Church of England's Archbishop of Canterbury as the UNHCR Special Envoy to discuss sexual violence, South Sudan, and the refugee crisis.

A photo of the two together features Jolie donning a top that allows her nipples to protrude under the fabric, distracting from the meeting's original purpose, reports the Daily Mail.

It's not certain if Jolie was wearing a bra or not. Some believe she attended the meeting without a bra, or that she may have accidentally worn one that did not hide her nipples well.

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Regardless, many were outraged -- but for different reasons.

"Uncouth and VERY disrespectful to the Archbishop," posted a Daily Mail reader.

"She needs a bra," wrote somebody else on Twitter. "Looks like she could poke someone's eye out. How embarrassing!"

Others were enraged too, but at those who were upset over the incident in the first place.

Some defended Jolie and chided people for focusing on Jolie's appearance as opposed to her humanitarian work.

"She is also promoting a cause of far more importance than her nipples -- awareness of sexual violence and ways to stamp it out," responded one person. "This is far more important than the subject of nipples!!!!"

"How dare people take away the amazing charitable work she does and this meeting with the archbishop," added another.

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Jolie met with Wilby just as she marked the fifth year anniversary of her Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, The Irish News reports.

"It’s wonderful that she has committed her time, her energy, and has taken great personal risks in order to be able to speak authentically as to what she’s done," Welby said in February 2015 of Jolie.

Before meeting with Welby, Jolie gave a lecture at the London School of Economics (LSE) about her experiences in the field and sexual violence as a tool of war.

In September 2017, she will help guest-teach one of the courses in the LSE postgraduate-level degree, "Women, Peace and Security."

According to the United Nations Development Program, sexual violence as a tool of war is increasingly used by countries around the world, destroying millions of lives everywhere.

"I couldn’t even see my little girl anymore," recalls Mary from South Sudan, reports Time magazine. She was forced to watch soldiers kill her husband and sons and then rape her 10-year-old daughter before doing the same to her.

"I could only see blood," she said. "I wanted to die too."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Irish News, UNDP, Time / Photo credit: glamourpic/Flickr, Twitter via Daily Mail

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