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'Congratulations North Korea!': Americans React To North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb (Video)

On. Jan, 7, the crew from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" randomly asked people on the street in Hollywood to congratulate North Korea for its self-proclaimed successful hydrogen bomb test (video below).

“You would think that the idea that North Korea might have a hydrogen bomb would be somewhat alarming to those of us who are here on the West Coast,” Kimmel said in a set up before the segment.

"We went out on the street today, and its seems like if you ask people a question in a cheerful enough manner, we Americans will offer congratulations for just about anything," Kimmel added.

The Kimmel team did fib to folks on the street by telling them that the world was congratulating North Korea, and asked them to do the same, but they still gladly did.

“That’s really good,” a young woman with an umbrella said. “Congratulations North Korea, finally, I mean, it's about time, you know!”

“I think that if you do believe that one day, dreams can come true, I think,” a man wearing glasses added. "It's definitely a Disney thing to do."

More folks encouraged North Korea to stick to its dreams.

"Congratulations North Korea!" another woman said. "That's awesome!"

“Congratulations Kim Jong-un on everything you’ve done!” a young lady with a British accent said. "You've done a really good job, keep it up, stay safe, good work!"

While these Americans wished North Korea the best, the dictatorship has been condemned around the world, even by its ally, China.

The hydrogen bomb test has not been confirmed by countries outside of North Korea, but the U.N. Security Council announced that it was going work on new measures, which may include an expansion of existing sanctions against the country, notes Reuters.

Sources: TheBlaze, Reuters / Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live! via YouTube Screenshot

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