Mystery American Senior Citizen Found In England

An elderly man with dementia who can remember nothing else about himself other than his name has been found in England.

Roger Curry was discovered lying face down near the town of Hereford in November 2015, media reports say.

Police are considering the possibility that he was abandoned by his family in a case of “elderly dumping,” according to the Daily Mail.

“It's one of the lines of inquiry that we are pursuing,” Detective Sgt. Sarah Bennett told the Daily Mail.

Curry was found by a man with an American accent and a local woman. But when paramedics were called to take Curry to hospital, the younger man disappeared, fueling suspicions he was a relative who did not want to be seen with Curry.

“He had no money and no ID, and has not been able to give any details about himself,” Bennett added.

The local police have collaborated with Interpol and the Canadian and U.S. embassies to make an international appeal for information on Curry and his family.

“This is an unusual situation and we are desperately hoping that we can reunite Roger with his family, wherever they may be,” Bennett said.

Curry struggles to speak, but police were able to identify his accent as either Canadian or American.

“He says odd words in an American accent to his carers, only words not actual sentences,” said Mandy Appleby, a spokeswoman for the care home where Curry is now being looked after.

“The staff are very upset, and it would be nice to find somebody that knows him and find a family for him,” she added.

“He is white, tall and of slim build,” a police spokesman said at the time of Curry’s discovery, according to the Western Daily Press. “He has gray hair, blue eyes and gray stubble. He squints slightly and so may normally wear glasses. When he was found he was wearing a black hooded top, black jogging trousers, gray and black socks and lace up [sneakers].”

A linguist is to be brought in to try to determine more accurately where Curry’s accent is from.

Police have also issued an appeal to find the American man who was with Curry when he was found. He was described as being white, in his 40s, with dark, wavy hair and glasses.

Sources: Daily Mail, Western Daily Press / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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