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US Navy SEAL Killed In Iraq While Fighting ISIS

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A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed by enemy forces in Iraq during an ISIS assault.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said the Navy SEAL was advising and assisting Kurdish Peshmerga forces north of Mosul when ISIS fighters attacked.

"This sad news is a reminder of the dangers our men and women in uniform face every day in the ongoing fight to destroy ISIL," Cook said in a statement, reported NBC News. "Our coalition will honor this sacrifice by dealing ISIL a lasting defeat.

The Navy SEAL was killed by direct fire. The U.S. military responded with more than 20 airstrikes.

According to Rudaw News, ISIS militants staged three suicide attacks on Peshmerga defense lines and the Kurds fought back. But ISIS attacked on multiple war fronts against the Kurds with 400 fighters and wounded at least two Kurdish soldiers in car bombings.

This marked the third U.S. combat death in Iraq in the past seven months, according to NBC News.

Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin was killed in a March rocket attack and Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, a Delta Force commando, died in October while attempting to rescue ISIS hostages.

The U.S. has been slowly putting more troops into Iraq over the past several months. In April, Carter announced the U.S. will send more than 200 more troops  — including special operations forces — to Iraq. According to a Washing Post report from March, the U.S. had more than 5,000 troops in Iraq.

"The Iraqis are still in the lead. That doesn't change," Carter told NBC News. "Americans are at risk [...] every single day here. As secretary of defense, I take that more seriously than anything else."

Sources: NBC News, Rudaw News, Washington Post / Photo credit: U.S. Army/Wikipedia

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