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Illegal Immigrant Who Allegedly Killed American Nanny In Austria Arrested

The Gambian immigrant wanted in connection with the murder of an American nanny in Austria has been arrested.

Abdou I., 24, was arrested on Feb. 4 at an asylum center in Bern, Switzerland, according to Daily Mail. At the time of 25-year-old Lauren Mann’s murder in late January, he was in Austria illegally and sharing an apartment with her in Vienna.

His last name was not given as Austrian law mandates it be withheld until a conviction is made.

“A suspect has been arrested in Switzerland,” Nina Bussek, spokeswoman for the Austrian State Prosecutor, told Daily Mail. “We can’t provide any further details at the moment.”

“The arrest is supported by concrete evidence, but I can not say what this evidence consist of, since it is part of an ongoing investigation and cannot be made public,” Bussek added.

Austrian newspaper Krone reported that Abdou was already known to police for allegedly raping an underage girl in Germany, reported Daily Mail.

Austria will have to request an extradition from Switzerland to have Abdou returned to the country.

“We have handed in an extradition request at a Vienna court,” Bussek said. "Whether they have made a formal request by the Swiss authorities yet I can't say, but the request has been made by our office to have the suspect handed over to Austrian police."

Mann, originally from Paonia, Colorado, had lived in Vienna for three years, working as a nanny. She was considered to be “very reliable,” officials said, according to New York Daily News. When she failed to show up for work on Jan. 25, the family she worked for contacted the police. Her body was found the following day on a mattress in the bedroom when police and firefighters forced open her door.

A “considerable amount of blood” was near her half-naked body, police said.

A sweater was across Mann’s face and her arms were stretched along her body, local newspapers reported. All of the light bulbs were burned out in the apartment and had to be replaced by police before they could examine the crime scene, reported New York Daily News.

It was determined Mann died of suffocation.

A motive in the case is unknown.

Sources: The Daily Mail, New York Daily News / Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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