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American ISIS Commander Killed


An ISIS commander who alleged to have been a U.S. citizen has been killed, according to NBC News.

Jihadis who are “familiar with ISIS activities in Syria and Iraq” as well as a global security firm and NBC News counter terrorism consultant Flashpoint Intelligence have all claimed that the terrorist has been laid to rest.

The commander, Abu Muhammad Al-Amriki, became infamous last February when he released a video of himself criticizing al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria. In the video, he could be seen speaking English interspersed with Arabic. He also claimed to have lived in the United States for 10 or 11 years before leaving to join the jihad. The video came at the heels of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warning that Syrian extremists are trying to recruit western born fighters in order that they use their passports to execute more atrocities in the U.S.

Al-Amriki was a high ranking figure within ISIS, with his name “Al-Amriki” meaning “American.”

Although he claimed to be an American, it was never confirmed he really was.

“Al-Amriki has a heavy accent when speaking English and might have only spent a short amount of time in the U.S. or migrated there at an older age,” said Flashpoint. They also said that he “rose up the ranks of the group very quickly.”

There has still yet to be word on how or when exactly he died.

Source: NBC News, Foreign Policy Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Foreign Policy


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