American Couple Found Guilty Of Mother's Brutal Suitcase Murder In Indonesia (Video)


An Indonesian court has sentenced an American couple to prison after they were found guilty of murdering the girl’s mother and stuffing her into a suitcase last August. Now, videos (shown below) of their separate reactions post-sentencing are going viral -- and for good reason.

Heather Mack, 19, and Tommy Schaefer, 21, were recently found guilty of the murder of Sheila von Wiese-Mack on an island in Indonesia.

Schaefer has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing von Wiese-Mack in August 2014. Mack, on the other hand, was given a much lighter sentence of 10 years, and in shocking videos taken following their sentences, both appeared to react much differently to the decisions.

In a video published online, Mack is shown taking a swig of what's said to be booze from a Sprite bottle. The Daily Mail reports that the 19-year-old was drinking behind bars in celebration of her light sentence. The teen has also been in headlines following the gruesome murder after giving birth just a few weeks ago.

In a video released after his 18-year sentence was handed down, Schaefer is shown walking to a bus that is presumably escorting him to prison, and instead of allowing cameras in his face, he lashes out by swatting them away. 

The murder was discovered when the couple placed the suitcase containing the body in a taxi outside of the resort in which they were staying. A hotel staff member then inspected the suitcase after the couple did not return and noticed that it was stained with blood. The police were then notified.

Officials discovered the body of von Wiese-Mack inside wrapped in hotel bedding, according to CNN.

A forensics investigator found her death to be caused by blunt force trauma to her head that led to suffocation.

The pair were arrested in another hotel about 9 miles away from where they had been staying.

The mother was reportedly a Chicago socialite with a strained relationship with her daughter.

According to Schaefer, he was in the midst of a heated argument with the mother when she began to choke him in their hotel room.

“She squeezed my neck for about 20 to 30 seconds,” he said in court. “I couldn’t breathe. I had blood going to my head and my eyes were so watery.”

He then allegedly grabbed a bowl.

“I couldn’t see for a moment because my eyes were so watery and I was distraught,” he continued, “I was in a state of mind, I had no idea what was happening. I was almost about to black out. And I grabbed it and I started swinging.”

Mack alleged that her mother threatened to murder her unborn child.

Despite these claims, the prosecutor believed that the murder was premeditated due to the fact that the mother did not approve of their relationship.

The two have been tried separately.

Heather faced 15 years in prison for the crime but was sentenced to 10. She will be allowed to take the baby to prison with her for two years. After that time she can name a caretaker to take custody of the child. 

Source: The Daily Mail, CNN

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, CNN, nydailynews.com


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