American In Bali Prison For Mother's Murder Accused Of Selling Her Baby For $150,000

Heather Mack from Chicago, Illinois, who was convicted of murdering her mother last year while on a Bali family vacation, has been accused of selling her 3-month-old daughter for $150,000.

Mack, 19, and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, 21, were found guilty of the murder of Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62, in a Balinese court in April. The couple had stuffed Sheila into a suitcase to try and hide her body.

Mack was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assisting in the murder. Schaefer was sentenced to 18 years in prison for beating his mother-in-law to death.

In March, Mack gave birth to a baby girl, Stella, and has been caring for the child while in Bali's Kerobokan Prison.

Kia Walker, Schaefer’s mother and Stella's grandmother, claims Mack is trying to sell the baby for $150,000, reports The Daily Mail.

Walker said in court on Friday that she has proof in the form of text messages and a confession. Judge Neil Cohen told her to hire a lawyer.

Walker would not answer questions after the hearing because she reportedly feared she would not be quoted accurately.

"No, I'd rather put it in a book," Walker said.

The hearing on Friday was to determine whether Mack may claim access to a $1.56 million trust fund left by her deceased mother.

According to one of Mack’s attorneys, Michael Elkin, the allegations that Mack is trying to sell her child are “unequivocally not true.”

“The allegations of Heather selling Baby Stella for $150,000 are unequivocally not true, but are nothing more than a smearing campaign of Heather’s genuine concerns for Stella," Elkin told NBC Chicago. "The financial motives of Kia Walker are coming to light by her own admissions.”

"Anyone who is thinking about book deals in the midst of this tragedy is just plain wrong," Elkin said, The Chicago Tribune reports.

Mack is allowed to care for her child in prison for the first two years of the baby’s life. Elkin previously said “she loves Stella very much and wants to ensure she is in the safest place possible.”

A rumored home for Stella may be with a local family. They would care for Stella until Mack is released from prison.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Chicago Tribune, NBC Chicago

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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