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Amateur Daredevil Climbs Eiffel Tower Without Ropes (Video)

Amateur daredevil James Kingston climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris without any ropes, and posted a video (below) of his experience on YouTube.

Kingston wrote on YouTube that he and an unidentified friend began the climb at 1 a.m. He recalled there were armed security guards and CCTV cameras keeping watch over the famous monument.

Kingston and his buddy made it to the top platform, which is 896 feet above the ground, according to the International Business Times.

"This is where we should have probably stopped but my curiosity got the better of me," Kingston wrote on YouTube. "I unlocked the door, slowly crept in and was immediately hit with the sound of a walkie talkie going absolutely mental in French."

He and his friend then went down a few stories and found "holes inside the framework" to hide in.

However, when tower workers and tourists started coming up in the elevators around 9 a.m., Kingston and his buddy were spotted. They climbed down the tower and were taken by security guards to a police station.

They were questioned for about six hours, but released after Kingston promised not to climb the tower for three years.

Kingston has posted similar videos of his spine-chilling stunts in Moscow, London and Dubai over the past seven years, building up his YouTube subscription list to over 180,000 and gathering over 230,000 "likes" on his Facebook page, the Daily Mirror reports.

Sources: YouTubeInternational Business Times, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: James Kingston/YouTube Screenshot


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