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Airport Security Would Not Allow Toddler's 'Fart Blaster' Toy On Plane (Video)

A three-year-old boy was recently forced by airport security in Dublin, Ireland, to leave behind his Minions "fart blaster" toy (video below).

Leo Fitzpatrick's toy was stored inside his backpack when it turned up on a X-ray machine last Saturday.

The "fart blaster" causes loud flatulence noises, but could not be taken aboard because it resembled a weapon, notes The Telegraph.

The toddler got the "fart blaster" from his grandfather, but had to leave his favorite toy in Ireland while he and his family traveled home to Birmingham, England.

Daire Fitzpatrick, the boy's mom, told the Daily Mail:

 But [the airport security guard] said "I’m so sorry it’s got a trigger, it doesn’t even look like a toy gun, but because it has a trigger mechanism it is in writing that I have to take it."

Even though the security officer admitted that his child has the same toy and he was fully aware of its function and the reality of its threat level, he said he was forced to take it away.

I understand strict airport regulations but can common sense or compassion not be employed? It was laughable.

A Dublin Airport spokeswoman said in a statement:

Toy guns and replica guns are on the prohibited items list and we urge people to check this before they travel.

If passengers are carrying prohibited items they must be surrendered in order to continue on their journey.

While it is unfortunate the Minion toy had to be surrendered it is important to note...[that] we do not make up the security rules but we have to apply them.

While we apologized to the family for the inconvenience caused we did say that we would hold onto the Minion toy so the family can collect [it].

The boy was able to get a new "fart blaster" at home.

Sources: The Telegraph, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail Screenshot


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