Airport Authorities In Peru Discover Man In Suitcase

A man trying to flee the country inside a suitcase was discovered recently at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru (video below).

A friend was wheeling the bag through the airport when security staff became suspicious due to his nervous behavior, Daily Mail reported.

The large black bag drew the attention of a sniffer dog, prompting staff to request that the man open it. The man argued with the guards, but the sniffer dog continued to show an interest in the bag. Eventually, he agreed to unzip the suitcase.

When the bag was open, a man was found curled up inside. He quickly stepped out of the bag.

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Police have not identified either of the two men involved, but say the man in the suitcase was attempting to flee the country. The reason for his desire to escape is not known, according to Yahoo News.

Passers-by who witnessed the incident filmed it and uploaded the video to YouTube. The footage subsequently went viral.

The two men were arrested and questioned at the airport. There is no information on whether they have been charged with a crime.

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo News / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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