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Man Boarding Flight Reportedly Planned To Buy Sex Slaves

Authorities apprehended a British Muslim man while he was attempting to board a flight to Turkey. He is believed have been on his way to join ISIS and buy child sex slaves .

Patrick Kabele, a 32-year-old British citizen from Uganda, is on trial for attempting to enter Syria with intentions of preparing acts of terrorism, reports the Daily Mail. He has said he is not guilty.

Kabele, who was arrested in August 2016 with nearly $4,000 cash on him, kept notes in his phone dating back to November 2015 in which he described "duas," or prayers, including one "to grant" ISIS "victory" and "ask Ask Allah to rectify their affair as regards suicide," according to the Daily Mail.

"My new and only 'dua' till I die, Amin, to migrate to the lands of Islam, fight jihad with the sword against the enemies of Islam/ die in battle fighting jihad, not to have a long life – I want to die young and strong," he wrote in another note, later calling his intended travel "you only do this once type s***."

The man reportedly also wrote that, if he had enough money, he would buy himself four wives -- ideally, girls who are well below the age of puberty.

"If I ever marry again it has got to be a virgin 9yrs old as what i would want," he wrote in July 2016. "The younger & more experienced the better. I wouldn't rule out a matron to protect myself from the sun till I have the funds for a young virgin. I dont kiss anymore."

Prosecutor Alison Morgan argued in court that Kabele's "intentions were plain" and that he was off to join the terrorist group in Syria.

"You may want to ask yourself where on earth the defendant thought he was going, where he might be able to use money to purchase a young virgin," Morgan stated.

Kebele also reportedly paid off his bills and student loans, canceled his gym membership and paid his sister money that he owed her.

"He put his affairs into order before he left, on the assumption that he might never return from this trip," said Morgan.

An estimated 850 people from the U.K. have left the country to join terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, British authorities have said, according to BBC News. Approximately half of those people have returned.

Sources: Daily MailBBC / Photo credit: Pixabay

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