Missing Man's Skeleton Discovered In His Apartment


A Nigerian man encountered a disturbing surprise after entering his missing brother's room.

Alhaji Basiru Yusuf found his brother, Sikiru Yusuf's body seven months after Sikiru was declared missing, Naij reports. Alhaji had returned to the property to pack his brother’s belongings at the request of his landlord.

Local residents were reportedly not suspicious when Sikiru, 46, had not been seen for a while. 

"There was a time we perceived bad [odor], but we thought that a rat might have died somewhere," Funmi Badewa, daughter of the landlady, according to Naij. "The smell lasted several days. No one even thought it could be a dead human being."

After five months, Sikiru's family members in Ketu were contacted regarding his absence. Sikiru’s job required business trips that spanned several months, so relatives assumed that was the cause of his disappearance.

Seven months after Sikiru had been declared missing, his landlady ordered an evacuation of his belongings. Around 12:30 p.m. on March 28, the brother, landlady and other residents of the property forced Sikiru's door open and saw his skeleton on the floor, next to a rope.

"On receipt of complaint, a team of detectives visited, examined and photographed the scene, while the remains was removed and deposited at public morgue for autopsy," Dolapo Badamos, spokesperson for the Lagos state command, said. "Investigation is ongoing to unravel what actually transpired."

On the Naij Facebook page, several people wrote that believe there is much more to the story.

"I cannot comprehend the story, does it mean he have no phone to reach him?" Facebook user Eucharia Nkwo-Ololo asked. "I believe there is more to it. The landlady and [neighbors] should be able to [tell] us more."

"How on earth would normal persons take [odor] of a corpse to that of a rat, two incomparable things," Abimbola George Ayo-Adeosun wrote. "Ask me, I will tell you there's much to this, maybe the residents of the house should be investigated well."

"In Lagos, this time and at his age, such a person has no phone, his friends and families have no contacts with him," Garba Ibahim wrote. "I don't believe it."

Sources: Naij, Naij/Facebook / Photo Credit: The Nation via Naij, Gawker

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