Released Rapist May Have Raped And Murdered 10-Year-Old

The head and hands of the 10-year-old girl's body were found chopped off. In addition to having been gang-raped, she was mutilated to death. It doesn't sound like it can get any worse than this, but it does.

Authorities in Bareilly, India, believe the man responsible for the murder and rape was the same man they had just released from prison.

Saleem, also known as Chhotu, had spent four years in jail after being sentenced in 2012 for raping an 8-year-old, The Times of India reports.

Now the 22-year-old man and his cousin -- an alleged accomplice called Junaid -- are on the run after allegedly committing another crime against a child.

"The girl's mother had said she saw Saleem, his father and Junaid, packing her daughter's body parts in plastic bags," said Kameri Police Station House Officer Laxmi Shankar.

Witnesses say they later found Saleem's father sitting in a bed near the girl's body.

Police have arrested both of Saleem's parents and are now on the hunt for the ex-convict and Junaid, Being Indian reports.

For some, the tragedy highlights the need to implement more effective punishment in India.

"Either the adopted behavioral alteration/ rehabilitation techniques are not working and or are not being implemented properly," writes Vikrant Yadav. "One is forced to raise the question -- why are rapists and molesters not feeling deterred even if jailed?"

"Unless behavioral rehabilitation can be determined to a certain confident measure (even then there is no certainty of ‘no relapse’), is it ok to release the rapists on bail?" adds Yadav. "Or release them finally after serving 7 or 10 years in prison?"

Crimes like this happen all over the world, WTVC reports.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, 55-year-old James Willie Bradley was accused of raping a woman in August 2016 one year after assaulting another woman in the same way.

The victim told police Bradley threatened that if she refused, he would "stab her like the last white girl who said no."

Sources: Times of India, Being Indian, Vikrant Yadav, WTVC / Photo credit: Being Indian

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