Mexican Marine Forces Drug Cartel Members Into Lingerie


A Mexican Marine has captured international attention after he forced Mexican cartel men to wear women’s lingerie and kiss each other.

Erick Morales Guevara raided top cartel leader “El Mimido’s” house.  He then forced gunmen inside to wear women’s bras and more, Breitbart reports.

Meanwhile, his team found a sizable number of weapons hidden in drums around the house.

While the methods employed by Erick Morales Guevara, nicknamed “El Marino Loko — The Hammer or Senor Thor," are controversial, they are proving effective.

Guevara’s team has helped severely impede the momentum of various drug cartels, seizing not just drugs but also money and weapons.

The man seems to have a penchant for humiliating cartel members in a variety of creative ways, some of which go beyond the wearing of women’s clothing.

Another photo shows a man holding a hammer to his chin while a marine points a gun at his head, the Daily Mail reports.

In another raid, Guevara defaced a photo of drug lord Silvestre "El Chive" Haro Rodriguez’s deceased father and signed it with his own nickname. He was also rumored to have stolen the father’s ashes.

Rodriguez is considered a leading boss of the Gulf Cartel and presides over a group known for kidnappings and murders.

The feared drug lord responded by posting a banner in public accusing Guevara of stealing $500,000 during raids and accepting bribes.

“This is for you, Erick Morales,” it read. “Dog, [I] know where you live but I want you, not your family. I'm not a pig like you,” before adding, “Why don’t you tell the government how much you stole from Altamira?”

Authorities later arrested Rodriguez before he could carry out his threats.

It’s not the first abuse of a Mexican drug cartel member that has captured worldwide attention, as seen on Breitbart.

Video footage revealing a female soldier pointing a gun at and repeatedly wrapping a trash bag around a female cartel member to force her into giving answers has sparked controversy.

The woman is crying and struggles to breathe.

Mexico’s Defense Secretary was forced to make a public apology over the release of the images.

Sources: Breitbart (2)Daily Mail / Photo credit: Breitbart Texas via Daily Mail

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