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Afghan Woman Filmed Being Brutally Stoned To Death For Eloping (Video)

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An Afghan woman married against her will was stoned to death after being caught eloping with another man.

In a disturbing video of the incident, the woman — named Rokhsahana — is seen laying in a hole in the ground as men throw stones at her.

In the original video, the young woman — whom NDTV reported to be between 19 and 21 years old — can be heard repeating the Muslim profession of faith, with her voice increasingly getting higher-pitched as the stoning continues. 

Rokhsahana was reportedly stoned to death by Taliban and local religious leaders. 

“This is the first incident in this area but will not be the last," said Seema Joyenda, one of the country's only two female governors. "Women in general have problems all over the country, but especially in Ghor... The man with whom she was eloping has not been stoned."

Sources: NDTV, YouTube / Photo credit: NDTV

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