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Angry Mob Beats, Burns Afghan Woman Who Burned A Koran (Video)

An Afghan woman's punishment for allegedly burning a Koran was to be stoned to death by an angry mob, who ultimately burned her body and dumped it in a river. 

The 27-year-old woman, known only as Farkhunda, was caught on video being savagely beaten with sticks and stone by men after she was accused of setting pages of the sacred book on fire, reports the Daily Mail. Despite the woman's parents' claims that their daughter suffered from mental illness and wasn't aware of her actions, the men didn't spare her. 

Footage of the attack showed up on social media after spectators filmed the incident with their cell phones. The woman can be seen being beaten, kicked, and stomped upon near the Shah-e Doh Shamshira shrine and mosque in Kabul. One attacker was caught beating her with a piece of wood, while another could be seen throwing a brick at her. Her body was dragged through the street and run over by cars, reports NBC News.

Some of the men reportedly carried the woman's body to the Kabul river, where they burned her. 

Police officers had to break up a crowd of thousands of people. Mohammad Haroon, a 23-year-old bread seller, and a shopper named Abdullah told NBC News that police tried to hold people back from hurting the woman by locking the shrine doors and firing shots into the air, but that people climbed the walls of the building and shouted that the woman deserved payback for burning the Koran. 

Four suspects have been arrested, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior. 

Warning: the following video contains disturbing footage.

Source: Daily MailNBC News

Photo Credit: Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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