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87-Year-Old Woman In Pain From 5 Inch Horn On Her Head

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Doctors are shocked by an 87-year-old China woman who reportedly sprouted a horn from her head not unlike that of a unicorn.

Liang Xiuzhen has become known as the “unicorn woman” in the Guiyan village in southwest China, reports. The horn has reached over 5 inches in length.

About seven or eight years ago, Xiuzhen had a black mole on her head, according to her son Wang Chaojun. Apparently, Xiuzhen would constantly complain that the mole itched.

“We found ways to cure her itch using traditional Chinese medicine, and then left it be,” Chaojun said.

However, two years ago, the mole became a small horn-like mass atop Xiuzhen’s head. When Xiuzhen’s daughter accidentally broke the horn off in February while washing her mother’s hair, the current horn grew back rapidly and larger than before.

“Now the horn hurts my mother and prevents her from sleeping,” Chaojun said. “It also bleeds from time to time.”

The horn, known as a cutaneous horn, is actually a keratinous skin tumor with the appearance of a horn, according to doctors in Sichuan. Although the growths are normally small, they can grow to abnormal sizes like the one on Xiuzhen’s head.

Although doctors believe they can remove the horn, Xiuzhen’s family has reservations about the elderly woman’s age and her ability to recover from surgery.

Similar reports of a horn-like growth have been reported in the past, although they are typically rare. In 2010, for example, a Chinese woman was reported to have a “devil” horn growing from her head, according to Daily Mail.

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