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61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth In China

A 61-year-old woman, with the surname Zhang, gave birth in Zhejiang, China.

The senior gave birth to a healthy boy via C-section on June 27, China Daily reports.

Zhang's 30-year-old daughter died in 2014.

Zhang reportedly suffered pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, problems with anesthesia, bleeding and blood pressure issues.

Given all the trauma that Zhang endured, hospital staff were reluctant to announce her child's birth for fear that other senior citizens would rush to do the same.

"The quality and quantity of eggs of women 35 or older have declined, so they will face a lower success rate of pregnancy and higher risks of miscarriage and birth defects," said Zhu Yimin, director of the reproductive and endocrine department at the hospital where Zhang gave birth.

”During the prime time of the child's development, the parents are in their 70s" Zhu added. "How can they spare efforts to accompany their children?"

Zhang used in-vitro fertilization to become, possibly, the second-oldest mother of a newborn baby in China. A 62-year-old woman in Shandong had a baby boy in May 2015.

Only days before Zhang gave birth, 54-year-old Liu Hongmei had a baby boy with IVF in Hubei. Liu lost her son in a traffic accident in 2014.

"The majority of women anxious to conceive in advanced age are those who have lost their only child," hospital spokeswoman Sun Meiyan said.

The Telegraph notes that China changed its strict one-child law in October 2015, but there are about 1 million families who lost their only child; 335,000 of the bereaved mothers are over 49 years old.

The urge to have children in late age may be more than maternal yearning, as older people in China rely on their kids for financial and emotional support. If elderly people don't have kids, they may face a dark future in the Communist country.

Sources: China Daily, The Telegraph / Photo Credit: Michael Jastremski/Wikimedia Commons

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