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'60 Minutes' TV Crew Attacked In Sweden (Video)

Reporter Liz Hayes and her "60 Minutes" crew from Australia's Channel Nine were recently attacked while reporting on the migrant crisis in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden (video below).

A car pulled up, a masked man got out and the driver began arguing with the TV crew, Sweden's Avpixlat news service reports.

The driver was reportedly upset that the crew was filming in Rinkeby, and suddenly ran over the cameraman's foot, knocking him down.

The car drove away, police took statements from witnesses, and the crew interviewed some friendly locals.

After the police left, more masked men, possibly migrants, walked into the area and attacked the crew.

"Liz Hayes and a 60 Minutes crew are currently on assignment in Europe where they are reporting a story about the migrant crisis," a Channel Nine spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

"In a suburb of Stockholm yesterday they were confronted by a group who objected to them filming," the spokesperson added. "There was a series of scuffles and the police were called. The '60 Minutes' cameraman and producer were slightly injured but filming continued with police at the scene."

Hayes recalled the incident to "I just knew, they wouldn’t hit me."

“I was glad, right then, that I was a woman," she added. "I felt they wouldn’t hit me because of that, and that might mean I could slow things down a bit.”

“I’m pretty sure if I was one of the guys I probably would have been hit as well.”

“It was Sweden," Hayes explained. "I wasn’t expecting hairy, but I think it all comes back to tensions and issues between migrants, immigrants and refugees and just the general friction that is occurring around the world."

“It was pretty confronting, because I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“But it can be explained in the context of friction between cultures that is going on over there."

“People are in need and desperate, and when you open your doors it doesn’t always mean everyone is going to live happily ever after.”

Sources: Daily / Photo credit: Channel 9 via YouTube

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