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Man Who Murdered Woman And Her 3 Kids Found Dead, 6-Month-Old Baby In His Arms

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A Canadian mother and her three children were found dead, along with the murder suspect, who was found with a 6-month-old baby in his arms, police reported.

Though authorities have not officially released the names of the victims, family members have confirmed that the mother who died was 27-year-old LaTasha Gosling. Her children included two girls, 4-year-old Janayah and 8-year-old Jenika, as well as her 7-year-old son Landen.

Police discovered the deceased family in a mobile home in a Saskatchewan town around 1 a.m. The male suspect was discovered at a home in Prince Albert around 6:20 a.m. Police would not reveal how the man died, though they did reveal that a 6-month-old baby was found with him. The baby was alive and is now being cared for by family, CBC News reports.

“Very, very devastating finding out my sister and the kids are actually really dead and they’re not coming back,” Laura Gross, Gosling’s sister, told CBC News. “That’s been very, very difficult for me.”

Police have been hesitant to release any information, though they did admit that Gosling and the suspect knew each other. According to a woman who lives in the same mobile park, Gosling and the man lived together.

Now, Gosling’s family has started a GoFundMe page to cover the cost of the family’s funeral. As of this writing, the page has raised $32,353 of their $50,000 goal.

“Any little bit helps and will be more appreciated than you could ever imagine,” the page reads.

A memorial has since been set up outside the family’s home.

Sources: DailyMail, CBC News

Photo Credit:, Ryan Pilon/CBC News


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