6-Foot Man Hides In Suitcase, Enters Switzerland (Video)


A 6-foot man from the country of Eritrea in East Africa was found hiding inside a suitcase by border guards July 4 in Chiasso, a municipality of the Ticino canton in Switzerland (video below).

The 21-year-old amateur contortionist traveled for three hours inside the luggage via train from Milan, Italy, notes RT.com.

However, Swiss border patrol agents got wise, put the luggage on a platform, and the man crawled out.

Mirco Ricci, a spokesman for Swiss border control, told the Swiss TV channel RSI: "It was not hard to know there was a person inside, given the weight and the movement of it."

"We’ve had people try to sneak in in a car trunk," Ricci added. "This is the first time we’ve seen in Ticino that we’ve found someone in a bag."

The man did not ask for asylum in Switzerland, and was sent back to Italy with his luggage.

According to the Associated Press, hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have entered Europe through Italy and Greece. Mostly Africans have entered through Italy, while Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis have gone through Greece.

There has been a recent increase in migrants -- Eritreans, Somalis, and Nigerians -- trying to enter Ticino with over 3,400 being caught since the end of May.

The UN refugee agency UNHRC said in May that more than 2,500 migrants had died in 2016 while trying to cross the Mediterranean to get into Europe, reported The Telegraph.

William Spindler, a UNHCR spokesman, said, "2016 is proving to be particularly deadly." 

This is a dramatic increase compared to the January-through-May time period in 2015 when 1,855 migrants died. In 2014, 57 perished during the same period.

There are smuggling gangs that work the Libyan coast without much resistance, according to Libya's ambassador to Italy, Ahmed Safar.

Safar said that the Libyan government of national accord (GNA) does not have "full control over certain territories" because of its lack of a military force.

Sources: RT.com, The Associated Press/US News, The Telegraph / Photo credit: kronews/YouTube

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