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5-Year-Old Girl 'Hypnotizes' Five Animals On TV Show (Video)

Han Jiaying, who is 5 years old, allegedly hypnotized five animals on "Amazing Chinese," a talent show broadcast by China Central Television (video below).

Jiaying spoke to the animals (dog, lizard, frog, chicken, rabbit) and massaged them to sleep, notes the Daily Mail, which translated the story from the People's Daily Online.

While Jiaying was putting the chicken under, the dog and lizard woke up.

However, she was able to put them back to sleep, which amazed the audience and judges.

Jiaying later shouted and "woke" the animals out of their trances.

The animals were likely not hypnotized, but were rather in a state of "tonic immobility" or "apparent death," which is actually a defense mechanism that many animals use, experts told

The identified the girl as "Ying Ying," and noted that she first learned how to do tonic immobility on a frog at her school.

"Whether the child is self-taught or trained, she is definitely different from other kids," Zhou Yongmei, director of Shenyang Youth Mental Health Centre, stated. "After all, not everyone can make an animal go into that state."

Sources: Daily Mail,, People's Daily Online / Photo Credit: China Central Television Screenshot


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