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5-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Forces Classmate To Simulate Oral Sex In School Bathroom

Claims that a 5-year-old boy in England forced a classmate to simulate oral sex at school is being investigated by Bedfordshire Borough Council. The alleged victim’s mother made the accusation and said she has since lost all confidence in the school’s ability to protect her child, Bedford Today reported.

“We’ve been trying to deal with this awful incident and the school has been telling people is a normal thing for a child to do,” the victim’s mother said. “It is absolutely a disgrace.”

The alleged incident occurred in early May when the victim’s mother says the boy locked her daughter in the bathroom at a local primary school. 

“He locked her in the toilets and told her to keep quiet and if we get caught it’ll be ‘your fault,’” she said.  

The victim’s mother initially filed a complaint after she says school staff refused to take necessary action in the matter. Ultimately, she ended up pulling her daughter out of the school, she told local reporters. 

“My daughter absolutely loves going to school but how can she go to class with him every day? I shouldn’t have to transfer her to another school, but I feel like I have no other option.”

According to the mother, the head teacher refused to correct the boy’s conduct, telling her the child’s actions were "normal" for a child of his age, Bedford Today reported.

“I asked the school to exclude him and the head teacher kept telling me this is normal behavior. How is this normal?” she asked. “They won’t tell him what he did is wrong and it is unacceptable.”

Bedford Borough Council has since launched a safeguarding investigation after the school referred the incident to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub, Bedford Today reported. The safeguarding body is comprised of the council, police and health care professionals, according to The Independent.

Staff at the school said they have separated the male and female bathrooms after the incident, following the mother’s request, according to Bedford Today. The school has not been named.

The incident was reported less than 24 hours after another accusation against the young boy was made, Bedford Today reported. Allegedly, the 5-year-old had also assaulted another girl from his class. 

A representative for Bedfordshire Borough Council told The Independent the council is reviewing the incident but is unable to give specific details because of the need to maintain confidentiality. 

Source: Bedford Today, The Independent / Photo credit: Flickr


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