40 Workers Ride In Six-Seat Van To Job Site (Video)


Forty workers were riding inside a six-seat van to a construction site on April 30 in Chongqing, China, when the police pulled them over (video below).

According to China's Sina News, the van swerved oddly down the street, which caught the attention of the traffic police, notes RT.

Police filmed as they ordered the workers out of the van in a moment that was reminiscent of a circus clown car.

The workers were reportedly headed to a work site near a bridge when the police stopped the vehicle.

The seats had been removed from the van so all the workers could cram inside, reports the Daily Mail.

The driver told the police that the bus was for office work, including transporting the workers, reports the Chinese news site The Paper.

The driver was fined about $29, and had six points put on his license.

Commenters on RT had plenty to say:

At least they had there safety helmets on.

Imagine. One van can support 40 chinese invasion troops.

imagine then how many planes can fit on one carrier they have??? 6 pilots in one cockpit, or what if they send regular bus loaded with troops? or even a train?????!!!!!!

The whole China population can fit in one train and migrate to Russia.

He just zipped them with 7zip program, transfered them, then extracted them back to full-scale. :)

Looks like the reverse scene of what I see outside the Home Depot near Buckhead, Atlanta, every weekday morning.

Just as an average transport van stuffed in Mexico City.

they should have used the "Yakety Sax" AKA the Benny Hill chase music for that video.

haven't seen that since the circus.

thats great! hope every one has a cup of coffee this morning OK gang lets get this done!

Trick photo, these Vans have large doors both sides they ran around the other side and got back in.

Welcome to the future of travel.

In May 2015, police in Guizhou, China, discovered 51 passengers riding in the same type of six-seat van, reported the Daily Mail.

The driver told police he was transporting migrant workers to a construction site and crammed them in the vehicle to save time, noted the People’s Daily Online.

The driver and the front passenger got to sit while the other 49 people had to stand during the hellish journey.

The van was so weighed down it nearly touched the street, according to police.

Sources: RT, Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: Krokodyl/Wikimedia Commons

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