3-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Faints In Locked BMW After Mother Refuses To Break The Expensive Windows

A 3-year-old boy in Yiwu city, China, fainted in a locked car after his mother reportedly refused to break into the expensive BMW to rescue him. The little boy was trapped in the heat for over an hour because the unnamed mother didn’t want to damage the vehicle’s costly windows, according to Inquisitr. 

Reports say the mother had been accidentally locked out of the car when the BMW locked itself. With none of the car windows open, firefighters arrived at the scene ready to break the glass. The toddler’s mother would not allow them to damage to car and said she wanted to wait for a locksmith instead, Yahoo News reported. 

As the heat in the care rose, a crowd of onlookers gathered, watching in disbelief as the mother allowed her son to stay suffering in the hot vehicle. The boy eventually began to faint from the heat and emergency personnel took control of the situation, against the mother’s wishes. They smashed a window and successfully rescued her son. 

“It’s very dangerous to leave children inside cars, especially in such heat,” one of the firefighters on the scene was quoted saying. “It can threaten a child’s life in a very short time.”

Some online reports claim the child’s mother and father had left him in the car while they shopped nearby, according to Inquisitr.

The mother's refusal to break the windows have sparked outrage around the world and the woman has been repeatedly blasted on social media. 

“The mother shouldn’t have left her kid in the car in the first place. Even if the car did accidentally lock itself,” one commenter wrote, reports Yahoo News.

“It looks like her car is her real son,” another added.

Reports of the woman’s disturbing reaction, by choosing to risk her son’s safety to avoid damage to her pricey vehicle, are now being used as a warning to the public, Inquisitr reported. Temperatures inside a car can become dangerously hot, especially with no open windows. 

Source: Yahoo News, Inquisitr / Photo credit: Inquisitr


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