21-Year-Old Millionaire Mocks Cop's Salary (Video)


Aleem Iqbal, a 21-year-old millionaire who calls himself "Lord Aleem," mocked a police officer's salary during a traffic stop in Birmingham, England, on June 24 (video below).

Iqbal was driving a new Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, which reportedly cost more than $730,000, when he was stopped by the cops, reports the Birmingham Mail.

"Why you lookin' at me?" Iqbal yelled at the police inside their squad car. "Trust me bro, my shoes are probably worth more than your f------ wages. Don’t look at me like that!"

While Iqbal recorded the incident with a cellphone, the police car car honked and pulled away. The officers did not cite him, but did not say why.

As the bizarre incident continued, a supportive crowd gathered around and Iqbal told them his video of the incident was going on YouTube.

But it was a video of the same incident filmed by Adam Yosef, editor of the website I Am Birmingham, that went viral.

Later, a rep for Iqbal, Mark Brewer, issued a statement:

Having had time to reflect on what happened and having spoken to his family, Aleem would and also like to apologize to the police officers involved for the way the situation escalated.

Aleem would like to stress that what wasn’t shown in the video was the police officers involved harassing him and forcing him to pull over for "having cars follow him."

Yes, Aleem admits he can get carried away from time to time and said, "I’m tired of being harassed by police just because I’m young and drive nice cars. Although that doesn’t excuse my behavior towards the police officers in the video, I hope this paints a clearer picture as to why I reacted the way that I did."

If that wasn't clear enough, Iqbal tweeted on June 28: "I am not perfect. Nor are you. We can only live and learn and better ourselves. You have to remember I'm 21 and still have lots to learn."

WARNING: Contains graphic language.

Sources: Birmingham Mail, Lord Aleem/Twitter / Photo credit: IAmBirmingham/YouTube

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