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2-Year-Old Tested For STDs After Finding Used Condom In Snack (Photos)


A toddler had to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases after discovering a piece of a used condom in a snack.

Rayaz Khakimullin, a 2-year-old boy from Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, was reportedly eating cookies when his mother, Guzel, noticed something in his mouth while he was chewing, Mirror reports.

It was later determined that the object was a portion of a used condom.

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Guzel said the package of cookies had not been tampered with before it was opened. 

“I am very concerned about my son’s health,” Guzel a Russian TV channel, according to Mirror. “It is disheartening how a package of sweets can contain something like that. This can happen to any other kid. I want to do as much as I can to prevent it."

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A complaint has been filed against the factory that manufactured the snacks, The Sun reports.

Sources: Mirror, The Sun / Photo credit: Mirror


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