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2-Year-Old Boy Watches In Horror As Mom Gets Beheaded In Front Of His Eyes (Photos)

A mother was recently beheaded in front of her 2-year-old son during a horrific elevator accident in her apartment building.

Olga Tilinina, 20, entered the elevator on the ground floor with her son Maxim after taking a walk. The elevator doors shut suddenly with Tilinina’s legs trapped between them; somehow, she managed to push her son away before he was trapped inside the elevator.

The elevator then began to rise and Tilinina cracked her head against the ceiling. Her head was found on the ground floor, while the rest of her body was stuck between the first and second floor.

"Olga and I had such great plans for our life,” Dmitry, Tilinina’s husband, said. “Now I will do all this myself, for her sake.”

Mechanics had allegedly been working on the elevator just hours before Tilinina was crushed within it, though the reason for inspection is unclear.

Tilinina’s husband plans to sue the company managing the apartment building for negligence.

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