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Two Men Evade Police After Alleged Gang Rape Of 14-Year-Old In India

Authorities in India are searching for two military men who allegedly participated in the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl.

The victim, who is from Kolkata, boarded a Punjab-bound train on Dec. 27 and mistakenly walked into a carriage reserved for army personnel, the Hindustan Times reported.

One of the soldiers gave her alcohol and got her drunk, the Hindustan Times reported, and when the teenager went to use a bathroom, that man and two others allegedly raped her.

The girl had run away from her home earlier that day, according to Her family called police, who began a search and informed rail employees to keep a look out for her. When the train stopped at Jharkhand’s Madhupur station, social workers found the girl unconscious in a train car, the Hindustan Times reported.

Police arrested Mandreesh Tripathi, the soldier who allegedly got the girl drunk before raping her, but the two other alleged rapists remained on the run on Dec. 29. The victim was able to positively identify the other two men when authorities showed her video from inside the train. Police did not specify the charges against Tripathi.

Rape has been described as an epidemic in India, particularly since a brutal 2012 rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in New Delhi. The victim, who was raped by six men who violated her with an iron rod, suffered fatal internal trauma and died hours after police found her on the side of a road, where she had been dumped by her attackers.

Four of the five men who raped the victim were sentenced to death. The fifth hanged himself while in police custody, while the sixth was just shy of his 18th birthday when the rape occurred.

The teen's light sentence of three years in prison prompted outrage in the country, and moved India's politicians to change the country's rape laws. Now, suspects between the ages of 16 and 18 could be tried as adults if they're deemed mentally mature by court-appointed experts.

A Time magazine story in 2013 noted the country's reputation for brutal rapes may not be entirely deserved, pointing out that more women are reporting sexual violence against them as the country continues to modernize and women break out of traditional roles.

Time also pointed to statistics that showed reports of rape more than doubled in New Delhi over a short period following the infamous 2012 bus rape, concluding more women were emboldened to report their assailants to law enforcement.

Sources: Hindustan Times,, Time / Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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