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13-Year-Old Alleged Rape Victim Gets Revenge By Reportedly Beheading Rapist's Son

A 13-year-old girl reportedly got revenge on her alleged rapist by beheading, burning and burying the body of his 5-year-old son. 

According to reports, the girl was raped on Oct. 18 by a man identified as Rinku in the village of Khair, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. In her statement the victim said the man offered correction fluid, also known as white-out, which some inhale to get a high. He then allegedly raped her.

In an act of revenge, the girl reportedly lured the rapist's son, Amit, away from his home, where he was playing, and beheaded him, burned his body, packed it in a plastic bag and buried it under bricks. The body was discovered when dogs found it and dragged it out. In her report the girl admitted to killing the man's son.

The girl has been sent to a juvenile detention facility and a murder charge has been filed. The father of the victim has been charged with rape.

In a statement to The Times of India, Circle Officer OP Singh said:

"Two cases have been registered — one of murder and the other of rape. Both the cases will be investigated. Family of the rape accused met me today alleging that the rape charges are fake. It will be investigated. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind — the girl is a drug addict and has often got into scuffles with people over minor issue — she has got into fights for even [$10]. Her mother is unwell and father a laborer, she is coming from a very poor family background. There is no family discipline either. She has been spotted consuming drugs. A fair inquiry will be done."

This incident highlights the greater issue of rape in India. The issue gained worldwide attention in 2012 after a young Indian woman was gang raped on a bus. On Oct. 18, BBC reported the arrests of individuals in two separate rape cases, one involving a 5-year-old and another involving a 2 1/2-year-old girl.

Source: The Times Of India, International Business TimesBBC  / Photo credit: Hindustan Times via The Telegraph


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