12-Year-Old Boy Says He Found Yeti Footprint In Siberia


A 12-year-old boy reportedly discovered a Yeti footprint during a recent school camping trip to Siberia, Russia.

Denis Alexandrov noticed the footprint during an early morning walk with classmates through the Shorsky National Park in Kemerovo, Siberia. According to Denis’ father Andrei, the footprint was twice the size of any man’s footprint.

“I’m into hunting so I understand a bit about footprints,” Andrei told The Siberian Times, reports Daily Mail. “We went to the place where the kids saw the footprint and the only thing I can say was, ‘I now know it exists.’”

Andrei noted he had not believed in Bigfoot or the Yeti before seeing the footprint.

He went on to say the creature was probably tall and had left the footprint recently. Campers noted they hadn’t heard any unusual noises during the night that would have suggested a visit from Bigfoot.

None of the campers saw the creature.

Interestingly, this is the second alleged Yeti “sighting” of the summer in the region. In July, artist and sculptor Andrey Lyubchenko drew a picture of the Yeti he claimed to have met while walking through the area.

“It happened so unexpectedly and fast that I had no time to get scared,” Lyubchenko said. “There was a clear feeling that this was a thinking creature, I felt he was trying to ‘talk’ to me.”

Lyubchenko claimed the Yeti was holding a stick with hair wrapped around it. He also said the Yeti had light-colored eyes that were similar to those of a human.

The Kemerovo region is famous for Yeti sightings. According to Igor Burtsev, head of the Russian International Center of Hominology, an estimated 30 Yetis live in the area. Others claim that as many as 200 Yetis live in southern Siberia.  

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Sources: Daily Mail, Express / Photo credit: Andrei Alexandrov via Express


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