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Boy Dies After Saying He Was Beaten By School Officials (Photos)

An 11-year-old Malaysian boy died after serious complications following a school beating.

Mohamed Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi had been at a religious boarding school, known as "tahfiz" schools, in Malaysia where school administrators allegedly repeatedly beat him and his peers. After serious complications, Mohamed passed away early in the morning on April 26, BBC reported.

The incident has since brought conditions of tahfiz schools to the limelight in the Muslim-majority country.

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Malaysian media sources have published excerpts from Mohamed's diary that further detail his experiences.

"Dear Allah, please open my parents' heart to allow me to transfer to another school because I cannot stand it any more," Mohamed reportedly wrote in one of his entries.

The most recent beating took place on March 24, police confirmed. He and 14 of his classmates were brutally beaten by the school's assistant warden with a water hose for being too loud in the school's assembly meeting.

Mohamed's aunt, Nurual Nabilah Ahmad, explained that the boy was in excruciating pain for days after the alleged beating and was brought to the hospital, the Daily Mail wrote.

By then, pictures of Mohamed's black, beaten legs had gone viral.

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On April 21, both of the young boy's legs were amputated upon noticing an internal infection spreading through his body.

Following the surgery, he slipped into a coma and was at the High Dependency Ward in the hospital.

Doctors were monitoring a blood clot in his left shoulder and had planned to amputate his arm just hours before he passed away.

Mohamed's father, Mohd Ghadiffi Mat Karim, and his mother, Felda Wani Ahmad, prayed by his side as he slipped away.

On April 22, the assistant warden allegedly responsible for the abuse was taken into custody, The Independent reported.  

Rahmat Othman, district police chief leading the investigation, said, "We are now waiting for the medical and autopsy reports from the hospital before taking further action."

The boy's aunt, Dzuraidah Ahmad, told Free Malaysia Today that Mohamed also had a heart condition that could have contributed to his death.

Regardless, the 29-year-old warden is under question. He has been found to have a record, serving a two-year jail sentence at one point and has also been detained for theft.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak tweeted on the day of Mohamed's death: "I would like the investigation into this case to be speeded up and for legal action to be taken if any [offenses] were committed."

Sources: Daily Mail, Free Malaysia Today, The Independent, BBC / Photo credit: PixabayStomp

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